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PixelLand is a 100x100 online NFT Billboard that is inspired by themilliondollarhomepage, where people can advertise anything by showing images in their area. Images will be uploaded to IPFS, and the hash (CID) will be stored on-chain.

The billboard is made up of grids. An NFT on the Blockchain represents each square on the grid called Pixel. An image set on the board also means an extra area called a sub-world (click to open, 1 pixel on the billboard or main world equals 10x10=100 sub-pixels in the sub-world), where owners can further place inside more images.

We integrate onto the board a Blockchain gaming ecosystem (Lottery, Crossword puzzle, turn-base tactics games) with a financial incentive to attract more traffic to the board, bring Pixel owners passive income and maximize the advertising effect.

The following is a small board 30x30 with images to demonstrate how it works.

  • Zoom in and out by scrolling on the board, and use the minimap to move.

  • Putting the mouse over an image will show its information.

  • Click on the image to open the sub-world inside.

  • Click on the map icon to go back to the main world.

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