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All actions (mint, buy, sell, pick lottery ticket) in the game will be using the native token of the app chain. Unlike other gamefi, where tokens are printed from nowhere to pay users and cause non-stop inflation, the lottery game in PixelLand will be the backbone of the economy from which the revenue flows into a treasury, which can be used to reward users' activities and develop more games on the board.


The Pixel board is just a start where we can deploy many exciting things for users to experience and maximize the advertising effect. The limit is our imagination. We have some ideas in consideration which we would like to share.

Winning Pixel

Instead of randomly choosing the winning Pixel, we can use some Math calculations with input are all the user's picks, and the output is the winning Pixel. This way, users can think more about how to have a better chance to win and share experiences with others and make the game easier to go viral.

Mini games

We can onboard various types of funny P2E games.

  • Finding treasury randomly dropped on the board.

  • Quiz game: The user who found all the correct answers can use them to form the private key, which can sign the winning message.

  • Bomber game: When some images on the map become breakable, the first one who breaks it receives a reward.

  • (...More)

When it comes to P2E games, we have to deal with bots and hack problems seriously, or they can destroy the competition.


  • Marketplace.

  • Rent pixel feature.

  • Crosschain.

  • Dao to control game rules.